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Filtra: Studio » Sogecine
Crimen ferpecto
Anno: 2004
Genere: Comedy / Crime / Thriller
Voto: (7.1)
Paese: Spain / Italy
Durata: 98 min.
Regista: Álex de la Iglesia
Studio: Sogecine
Cast: Mónica Cervera
Rafael is the best salesman in the biggest department store of Madrid. He is a fascinating man; all his colleagues fell in love for him. He tries to live high-standard life. He is definitively ambitious and aspires to be the new head of sales at his floor. But he has to beat Don Antonio the best salesman in the man wearing sector. Competition gets harder and harder, till Rafael kills Don Antonio! Lourdes, the ugliest woman in the store, unexpectedly helps Rafael to hide the corpse, but her help isn't for free. Rafael soon will start considering a new crime. A new perfect crime.
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