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Baci e abbracci
Anno: 1999
Genere: Comedy
Voto: (6.4)
Paese: Italy
Durata: 101 min.
Regista: Paolo Virzì
Studio: Cecchi Gori Group Tiger Cinematografica
Cast: Edoardo Gabbriellini
Alla vigilia di Natale nella provincia Toscana, tre operai riciclatisi allevatori e un ristoratore in difficoltà vedranno le proprie disgrazie trasformarsi in una surreale, fiabesca felicità.
Human Traffic
Anno: 1999
Genere: Comedy / Drama / Music
Voto: (6.7)
Paese: UK / Ireland
Durata: 95 min.
Regista: Justin Kerrigan
Studio: Irish Screen
Cast: John Simm / Shaun Parkes / Nicola Reynolds / Danny Dyer / Jan Anderson / Terence Beesley
The Cardiff club scene in the 90's: five best friends deal with their relationships and their personal demons during a weekend. Jip calls himself a sexual paranoid, afraid he's impotent. Lulu, Jip's mate, doesn't find much to fancy in men. Nina hates her job at a fast food joint, and her man, Koop, who dreams of being a great hip-hop d.j., is prone to fits of un-provoked jealousy. The fifth is Moff, whose family is down on his behavior. Starting Friday afternoon, with preparations for clubbing, we follow the five from Ecstacy-induced fun through a booze-laden come-down early Saturday morning followed by the weekend's aftermath. It's breakthrough time for at least three of them.
Sweet and Lowdown
Anno: 1999
Genere: Comedy / Music
Voto: (7.2)
Paese: USA
Durata: 95 min.
Regista: Woody Allen
Studio: Magnolia Productions
Cast: Woody Allen / Daniel Okrent / Dan Moran / Tony Darrow / Chris Bauer / Sean Penn / Kellie Overbey / Marc Damon Johnson
Come nella ricostruzione fatta da una cattiva televisione si ripercorrono le avventure di un immaginario eccentrico genio della chitarra jazz alla fine degli anni '30, Emmet Ray. Infantile ed egocentrico, sempre pronto a sbagliare, a lasciare la donna giusta per sposare quella sbagliata, a sprecare la sua arte, deciso a bruciare la sua vita.
Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai
Anno: 1999
Genere: Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller
Voto: (7.5)
Paese: France / Germany / USA / Japan
Durata: 111 min.
Regista: Jim Jarmusch
Studio: Pandora Filmproduktion
Cast: Forest Whitaker / John Tormey / Richard Portnow / Tricia Vessey / Henry Silva / Gano Grills
Un samurai deve obbedire al suo codice d'onore, a qualunque costo e contro chiunque. Anche se nero e americano. Con la leggerezza di un uccello e la freddezza di un killer professionista, un uomo chiamato Ghost Dog mette ordine in un mondo che non sa più rispettare le regole del crimine, il valore della bellezza e l'età dell'innocenza. Un'intensa storia d'amore e di morte ritmata dalle candenze Hip Hop della musica nera newyorkese di RZA.
Anno: 1999
Genere: Thriller / Sci-Fi
Voto: (6.8)
Paese: UK / Canada
Durata: 92 min.
Regista: David Cronenberg
Studio: Alliance Atlantis Communications
Cast: Jennifer Jason Leigh / Jude Law / Ian Holm / Willem Dafoe / Don McKellar / Callum Keith Rennie / Christopher Eccleston / Sarah Polley / Kris Lemche / Vik Sahay
Allegra Geller, the leading game designer in the world, is testing her new virtual reality game, eXistenZ with a focus group. As they begin, she is attacked by a fanatic assassin employing a bizarre organic gun. She flees with a young marketing trainee, Ted Pikul, who is suddenly assigned as her bodyguard. Unfortunately, her pod, an organic gaming device that contains the only copy of the eXistenZ game program, is damaged. To inspect it, she talks Ted into accepting a gameport in his own body so he can play the game with her. The events leading up to this, and the resulting game lead the pair on a strange adventure where reality and their actions are impossible to determine from either their own or the game's perspective.
Fight Club
Anno: 1999
Genere: Drama
Voto: (8.9)
Paese: Germany / USA
Durata: 139 min.
Regista: David Fincher
Studio: Fox 2000 Pictures
Cast: Edward Norton / Brad Pitt / Helena Bonham Carter / Meat Loaf / Zach Grenier / Richmond Arquette / David Andrews / George Maguire / Christina Cabot / Sydney 'Big Dawg' Colston / Ezra Buzzington
Edward Norton (il cui personaggio rimane senza nome per tutto il film) è un rappresentante annoiato, depresso, stanco del proprio lavoro, e che non dorme più la notte. Per non cadere in depressione decide di frequentare dei gruppi di discussione di malati, più o meno gravi, grazie ai quali si sente finalmente bene. In uno di questi incontri fa la conoscenza di Marla Singer, anche se ancora più travolgente sarà l'amicizia con Tyler Durden, tipo strambo con il quale aprirà un 'fight club'.
The Matrix
Anno: 1999
Genere: Sci-Fi / Adventure / Action
Voto: (8.7)
Paese: Australia / USA
Durata: 130 min.
Regista: Lana Wachowski
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures
Cast: Keanu Reeves / Laurence Fishburne / Carrie-Anne Moss / Hugo Weaving / Joe Pantoliano / Marcus Chong / Julian Arahanga / Matt Doran / Belinda McClory / Marc Aden Gray
During the year 1999, a man named Thomas Anderson lives an ordinary life. He makes a living illegally mostly by computer hacking. Then one day he meets another man by the man of Morpheus. After their friendship develops Morpheus shows him that world Thomas is living is make-believe. At first Thomas does not believe him, but then is shown evidence and also meets with a like-minded woman named Trinity. He is slowly updated from the time the world was disintegrated and wasted, devoid of all natural resources. Then in this wasteland, came android-like humans, machine-made, who enslaved the remainder of the humans. In order to create the perfect world, a fake world is created to fool the humans into believing that everything is alright in their world. Now Thomas, Trinity, and Morpheus must lead the humans to freedom, but will the android-like beings let them?
Joan of Arc
Anno: 1999
Genere: Adventure / Biography / Drama / History / War
Voto: (6.3)
Paese: France
Durata: 151 min.
Regista: Luc Besson
Studio: Gaumont
Cast: Edwin Apps / David Bailie / Dominic Borrelli
In 1412, a young girl called Jeanne is born in Domrémy, France. The times are hard: The Hunderd Years war with England has been going on since 1337, English knights and soldiers roam the country. Jeanne develops into a very religious young woman, she confesses several times a day. At the age of 13, she has her first vision and finds a sword. When coming home with it, she finds the English leveling her home town. Years after that, in 1428, she knows her mission is to be ridding France of the English and so sets out to meet Charles, the Dauphin. In his desperate military situation, he welcomes all help and gives the maiden a chance to prove her divine mission. After the successful liberation of Orléans and Reims, the Dauphin can be crowned traditionally in the cathedral of Reims - and does not need her anymore, since his wishes are satisfied. Jeanne d'Arc gets set up in his trap and is imprisoned by the Burgundians. In a trial against her under English law, she can't be forced to tell about her divine visions she has had continuously since childhood. Being condemned of witchcraft and being considered as relapsed heretic, she is sentenced to death. Jeanne d'Arc is burnt alive in the marketplace of Rouen on May 30th, 1431, at only 19 years of age.
Anno: 1999
Genere: Drama
Voto: (8)
Paese: USA
Durata: 188 min.
Regista: Paul Thomas Anderson
Studio: Ghoulardi Film Company
Cast: Julianne Moore / William H. Macy / John C. Reilly / Tom Cruise / Philip Baker Hall / Philip Seymour Hoffman / Jason Robards / Alfred Molina / Melora Walters / Michael Bowen / Ricky Jay / Jeremy Blackman / Melinda Dillon / April Grace / Luis Guzmán
Gli ultimi giorni della vita del ricco Earl Partridge significano cambiamenti e confronti, non solo per il moribondo, ma anche per altre otto persone che si trovano d'improvviso a fare i conti con colpe e sentimenti nella San Fernando Valley, in California.
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