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Filtra: Studio » Alba Produzioni
Anno: 2013
Genere: Comedy / Mystery / Thriller
Voto: (6.5)
Paese: Italy
Durata: 85 min.
Regista: Ferdinando Vicentini Orgnani
Studio: Alba Produzioni
Cast: Vincenzo Amato / Stefano Cassetti / Giovanna Mezzogiorno / Pietro Sermonti / Lambert Wilson / Erika Blanc / Gioele Dix / Veronica Gentili / Paolo Giovannucci / Annalena Lombardi / Gianmaria Martini / Franco Trevisi / Daniela Virgilio / Giovanni Visentin / Vincenzo Zampa
For John Cuttin it all started with the first sip of the wine of her life. A "Marzemino", a typical wine of the province of Trento, quoted by Lorenzo Da Ponte in his libretto for "Don Giovanni" by Mozart. The instant he tasted the blood-red drop of nectar John felt a sort of pleasant and mysterious explosion of the senses, and from that moment on, his nature is transformed. In just three years, from shy bank clerk and faithful husband became director, tombeur de femmes and the most revered and respected expert on wine in Italy. Just as he had predicted the enigmatic "Professor" who had convinced him to taste his first glass of wine. The only event that the "Professor" with his accent and his piercing blue eyes, had not predicted was that he would soon be charged with the murder of his wife Adele. While being put under pressure by the Commissioner Sanfelice, John is to reflect on the last three years of his life, dominated by a single and mad passion: wine.
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