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The Majestic
Anno: 2001
Genere: Drama / Romance
Voto: (6.8)
Paese: USA / Australia
Durata: 146 min.
Regista: Frank Darabont
Studio: Castle Rock Entertainment
Cast: Jim Carrey / Bob Balaban / Jeffrey DeMunn / Hal Holbrook / Laurie Holden / Martin Landau / Brent Briscoe / Ron Rifkin / David Ogden Stiers / James Whitmore / Catherine Dent / Brian Howe / Karl Bury
Peter Appleton is an ambitious young screenwriter working for HHS Studios during Hollywood's Golden Age, 1951 in particular. "Ashes to Ashes" is about to be released, and he's dating the attractive movie star, Sandra Sinclair. Just when everything seems to be going his way, it is discovered he (unwittingly) attended a Communist meeting during college when pulled there by his girlfriend at the time, and thus heavy suspicion settles over him and he'll have to stand before Congress. Afraid of what might happen if they don't, HHS cancels Appleton's contract and aborts the release date of the film. Appleton promptly begins to wallow in self-pity and spends nearly an entire night at a bar, then drives intoxicated through the streets of the California course until plummeting into a stormy river and getting knocked unconscious. Washing up on the beaches of a small town called Lawson. Although the people there are pleasant and likeable, the town is depressed and lifeless due to having lost 62 of it's sons in World War II. One of them, Luke Trimble, was missing in action; and miraculously, Peter bears a striking resemblence to the black and white photos, close enough to fool even Luke's father, Harry. However, thanks to the blow to the head and the alcohol, Peter has suffered amnesia and decides he must be who they think he is. Besides, it's not a bad life: Luke's beautiful lover, lawyer Adele Stanton, is all over him, the town has suddenly come back to life with excitement, and he and his "father" rebuild a movie palace Harry used to run, the Majestic. Unfortunately, Peter's memory returns in time for G-men to track him down.
Ed Wood
Anno: 1994
Genere: Drama / Comedy / Biography
Voto: (7.9)
Paese: USA
Durata: 127 min.
Regista: Tim Burton
Studio: Touchstone Pictures
Cast: Johnny Depp / Martin Landau / Sarah Jessica Parker / Patricia Arquette / Jeffrey Jones / G.D. Spradlin / Vincent D'Onofrio / Bill Murray / Mike Starr / Max Casella / Lisa Marie / Juliet Landau / Brent Hinkley / George 'The Animal' Steele / Clive Rosengren
La storia quasi vera di Ed Wood, unanimamente considerato come il peggiore regista di tutti i tempi. I suoi film, la sua passione per il travestitismo e la sua amicizia con la star Bela Lugosi.
Anno: 1998
Genere: Drama / Crime
Voto: (7.3)
Paese: USA
Durata: 115 min.
Regista: John Dahl
Studio: Miramax Films
Cast: Matt Damon / Edward Norton / John Turturro / Ray Iannicelli / Gretchen Mol / Famke Janssen / John Malkovich / Martin Landau / Michael Rispoli / Melina Kanakaredes / Mal Z. Lawrence
Mike McDermott è un ex giocatore di carte, che ora però studia legge e ha una ragazza. Ma quando un vecchio amico uscito dal carcere si trova in grossi guai economici, Mike decide di tornare al tavolo verde per aiutarlo.
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