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Giulia non esce la sera
Anno: 2009
Genere: Drama / Thriller
Voto: (6.5)
Paese: Italy
Durata: 102 min.
Regista: Giuseppe Piccioni
Studio: Lumière & Company
Cast: Valeria Golino / Lidia Vitale / Piera Degli Esposti
Guido writes novels and short stories; he's detached, diffident. When his wife and teenage daughter move, he stays behind to write. He takes swimming lessons; his teacher is Giulia, somber, perhaps melancholy. They talk from time to time; he invites her out, and she says she doesn't go out at night. We see Guido's stories dramatized - unhappy characters in search of something. Guido helps his daughter navigate a first crush; he disengages from a campaign to win a literary prize. His wife challenges him to reconnect with her. Instead, he focuses on Giulia: drawing her out, learning of her past. Then he intervenes. Can a novelist write reality?
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