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The Last House on the Left
Anno: 2009
Genere: Thriller / Horror / Drama
Voto: (6.6)
Paese: USA
Durata: 108 min.
Regista: Dennis Iliadis
Studio: Rogue Pictures
Cast: Garret Dillahunt / Michael Bowen / Joshua Cox / Riki Lindhome / Aaron Paul / Sara Paxton / Monica Potter / Tony Goldwyn / Martha MacIsaac / Spencer Treat Clark
While being transported by two detectives in a car, the dangerous criminal Krug is rescued by his brother Francis and his girlfriend Sadie, and they brutally kill the detectives. Meanwhile Emma, her husband Dr. John and their seventeen year-old daughter Mari Collingwood head on vacation to their house nearby the lake. Mari borrows the family car to meet her friend Paige that is working in a store in the town. They befriend the teenager Justin in the store and he offers some marijuana to the pothead Paige in the motel where he is lodged. While they are smoking grass in Justin's room, Krug, who is Justin's father, Francis and Sadie arrive and abduct the girls. Krug drives Mari's car and she provokes a crash on a tree. Krug stabs Paige and rapes Mari; however Mary manages to escape, swimming in the lake, but Krug shoots her on the back. They walk through the isolated road in the woods and they reach Collingwood's house telling that they have just had a car accident. Emma and John welcome the strangers until they discover what happened to their beloved daughter.
The Strangers
Anno: 2008
Genere: Horror / Thriller
Voto: (6.1)
Paese: USA
Durata: 81 min.
Regista: Bryan Bertino
Studio: Rogue Pictures
Cast: Peter Clayton-Luce / Scott Speedman / Liv Tyler / Gemma Ward / Kip Weeks / Laura Margolis / Glenn Howerton / Jordan Del Spina
Una giovane coppia che sta per sposarsi decide di trascorrere un week-end in campagna in una casa presa in affitto. Il loro soggiorno viene presto disturbato da violenti colpi a porte e finestre provenienti dall'esterno, provocati da tre persone mascherate decise a terrorizzare e ammazzare i due intrappolati in casa.
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