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Get Smart
Anno: 2008
Genere: Comedy / Adventure / Action
Voto: (6.6)
Paese: USA
Durata: 110 min.
Regista: Peter Segal
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures
Cast: Steve Carell / Anne Hathaway / Alan Arkin / James Caan / Bill Murray / Dwayne Johnson / Terence Stamp / Terry Crews / David Koechner / Patrick Warburton / Masi Oka / Nate Torrence / Ken Davitian / David S. Lee / Dalip Singh
Dopo che il quartier generale dell'agenzia segreta Control è stato attaccato e le identità dei suoi agenti compromesse, il goffo Maxwell Smart viene promosso ad agente attivo e incaricato di fermare i piani del KAOS per la conquista del mondo. Per fortuna, al suo fianco ci sarà la bella ed efficiente Agente 99.
50 First Dates
Anno: 2004
Genere: Romance / Comedy
Voto: (6.8)
Paese: USA
Durata: 95 min.
Regista: Peter Segal
Studio: Columbia Pictures Corporation
Cast: Adam Sandler / Drew Barrymore / Rob Schneider / Sean Astin / Lusia Strus / Dan Aykroyd / Amy Hill / Allen Covert / Blake Clark / Maya Rudolph / Pomaika'i Brown / Peter Dante / Jonathan Loughran
Henry Roth lives in a Hawaiian paradise with the company of endless women with no strings attached. This is until he meets Lucy Whitmore. Both Henry and Lucy enjoy the company of each other and feels the start of a serious relationship occurring. Approaching Lucy the next day, Henry is confused when Lucy fails to recognise him. This is the moment Henry discovers that Lucy actually suffers from short term memory loss and can't remember each individual day. Henry won't let this stop him and is prepared to make her fall in love with him all over again, each and every day.
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